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Ion Tools and Body Tools

Shoni-Shin Body Tools

Shoni-Shin Body Tools

A. Choki-Shin - A large flat 1" x 3" surface for applying scraping treatment.
B. Yoneyama Copper - Solid copper Yoneyama tool. Measuring 1.6" long, this tapered, beveled device is great for scratching or rubbing acupressure points.
C. Yoneyama Brass - A 1.4" long, tapered, beveled, copper-colored brass tool for scratching or rubbing.
D. Kakibari Gold Rake - A miniature 1.5" long 22k gold-plated rake for scratching points or meridians.
E. Matsuba Pine Brush - This 1" x 0.75" shoni-shin tool has seven prongs that are perfect for scratching points or meridians during treatment. Rounded end allows for further acupressure options.
F. Hoki - Measuring 2.3" long, the Hoki device has a series of seven needle-like ends to activate various points on the body. Also contains a 1.5" long grated handle, for a comfortable and secure grip.
G. Heragata Arrow - A 2" long pointed tool, with a rounded head for rubbing. One of the more versatile shoni-shin devices, with a number of points that can be used for treatment.
H. Choto - A 2" long polished silver tool for scraping acupressure points. Contains two blade-like sides, one large and one small, with tapered ends.
K. Bachi Bari (Plectrum) - This 1.5" long polished silver tool has two rounded ends for rubbing the skin. One side has a sharp point and a tapered end for scraping, while the other is completely rounded.

Price $ 11.95

B. Yoneyama Copper
Price $ 11.95

D.Kakibari Gold Rake
Price $ 12.95

E.Matsuba Pine Brush
Price $ 11.95

Price $ 11.95

G.Heragata Arrow
Price $ 10.95

Price $ 10.95

K.Bachi Bari (Plectrum)
Price $ 10.95

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