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PMF Sensation

PMF Sensation

The PMF Sensation is a versatile hand-held pulsed magnetic field generator, interlacing modern technology with ancient Chinese wisdom. For thousands of years, the Chinese have used the "push and pull" of magnetism to modulate the body's internal circulation in an attempt to restore balance. The PMF Sensation addresses these issues. The pulsed magnetic field technology can easily be directed to large areas, while reducing the time needed per use. In addition to the PMF technology, the unit simultaneously offers the added comfort of continuous gentle vibration and soothing warmth. Together, this three-way action aims to restore a more harmonious state of balance within the body. During operation, the penetration of the PMF Sensation (pulse magnetic field) can be detected for several feet, even after penetrating the human body. The 6" long, 2" dia portable unit can easily transported.

Operation: The PMF Sensation has a strength of 1,000 gauss and will run for approximately 10 minutes per cycle. Heat builds up naturally the longer the unit runs. An internal thermostat will automatically turn the unit off when it reaches 110F - 5. Only after the unit has cooled to an internal temperature of approximately 80F can it be restarted. The cooler the surrounding temperature, the less time it will take before the unit can be reactivated.

The PMF Sensation is a UL-approved device, has a 110 volt GFI safety-plug, and comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

PMF Sensation
Price $ 368.00

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