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Magnetic Products

Magnetic Pearl Necklaces      Magnetic Hematite Necklaces

Magnetic Jewelry

3 Band Bracelet    Luminesce Bracelet

Product Information           Product Information

3 Band Bracelet
Price $ 15.95
Luminesce Bracelet
Price 8.95

Oval Bracelet    Anion Bracelet    Tiffany Bracelet

Product Information            Product Information            Product Information

Oval Bracelet
Price $ 24.95
Anion Bracelet
Price $ 32.95
Tiffany Bracelet
Price $ 21.95

Solar Bracelet    Eclipse Bracelet    HMR Bracelet

Product Information            Product Information            Product Information

Solar Bracelet
Price $ 6.95
Eclipse Bracelet
Price $ 14.95
HMR Bracelet
Price $ 19.95

ropei bracelet

Product Information

Ropei Bracelet
Price $ 14.95

magnetic jade bracelet    ksr wrap bracelet    ropei ring

Product Information            Product Information            Product Information

Magnetic Jade Bracelet
SALE Price $ 29.95
KSR Wrap Bracelet
Price $ 21.95
Ropei Ring
Price $ 10.95

   Longevity Necklace

Product Information            Product Information

Magnetic Hematite
6 mm Faceted Ring
Price $ 11.95
Ring Size
Longevity Necklace
Price $ 34.95

Magnetic Jewelry

Quality Magnetic Bracelets, Magnetic Necklaces and Magnetic Rings. The combination of copper and magnets can improve circulation and assist in the healing process. Copper and other metals have been used for thousands of years for health. Copper will change color as it works with your body's chemicals.

 Cleaning Magnetic Jewelry

It's best to use a jeweler's polishing cloth to maintain and restore the finish. Clean with a mild soap and water solution. Do not use any cleaner containing ammonia or chlorine. Avoid use in chlorinated pools.

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