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Seirin  Tai-Chi  DBC  Carbo  Hua-Xia  Hwa-To  Nano Tech

Veterinary Acupuncture

Also check out our selection of Bio-Hazard Containers for safe and easy disposal.

ASP, Seven Star and Bleeding Needles

Product Information

ASP S/S Pkg. of 80
Price $ 40.00

ASP S/S Pkg. of 200
Price $ 95.00
ASP Gold Pkg. of 80
Price $ 49.00

ASP Gold Pkg. of 200
Price $ 112.00
ASP Titanium
Pkg. of 80

Price $ 150.00

Product Information

A. Seven Star White
Price $ 2.95
B. Seven Star Flex (OUT OF STOCK)
Price $ 17.00

Seven Star Flex Heads
Pkg. of 20
Price $ 10.00

Product Information

Ject.21 - 21 Gauge
(0.80mm) Box of 100
Price $ 7.50

Lancet.23 - 23 Gauge
(0.60mm) Box of 100
Price $ 6.50
Lancet.26 - 26 Gauge
(0.45mm) Box of 100
Price $ 6.50
Lancet.28 - 28 Gauge
(0.35mm) Box of 100
Price $ 6.50

Lancet.30 - 30 Gauge
(0.30mm) Box of 100
Price $ 6.50

Product Information

ReliaMed Auto-Lancet
Price $ 6.95

Seirin   Tai-Chi   DBC   Carbo   Hua-Xia   Hwa-To  Nano Tech

U.S. Federal and State Laws Restricts the sale of this device to or on
the order of a licensed or qualified practitioner.


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