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Magnetic Products

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Treatment Magnets
Treatment Magnets, Accu-band, Accu-patch, Tsubo pellets etc.

Magnetic Insoles
Magnetic Insoles and Arch Supports

Magnetic Jewelry
Magnetic Jewelry, Bracelets, Necklaces, Rings etc.

Magnetic Elbow, Wrist and Thumb Products
Magnetic Elbow, Wrist and Thumb Products

Magnetic Knee and Ankle Products
Magnetic Knee and Ankle Products

Magnetic Back and Shoulder Products
Magnetic Back/Shoulder/Neck/Head Products

Magnetic Tool Products

Magnetic Mattress Pads and Cushions
Magnetic Mattress Pads and Cushions

The concept of using magnets for healing dates back thousands of years to ancient Greece, Egypt, and China. Recent studies conducted at Baylor University have also supported the effectiveness of magnetic therapy. Besides containing iron, which is magnetically stimulated, human blood is composed of 90% water. During magnetic therapy, the hydrogen and oxygen molecules in the water, and the iron molecules, both become magnetically polarized and align with each other and other components in the blood stream. These charged and aligned molecules can then travel throughout the entire body more quickly and efficiently to provide the support for natural healing energy.  Note that magnet strength ("gauss") is measured by comparing the earth's natural magnetic field (0.5 gauss) to the bio-magnetic strength of the product.

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