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Spring Probes / Rolling Drums / Piezo'

        Guam Bong

Product Information            Product Information            Product Information

AcuLift Dermal Roller
Price $ 21.95

AcuLift Body Roller
Price $ 29.95

Guam Bong (OUT OF STOCK)
Price $ 17.00

    Magnetic Needle Probe   

Product Information            Product Information            Product Information

Sedatelec® Pressure Feeler
Price $ 45.95

Magnetic Needle Probe (OUT OF STOCK)
Price $ 13.50
AcuLift™ Hydra Needle
Price $ 35.00

Tei-Shin Basic     Tsumo-Shin   

Product Information              Product Information             Product Information

Tei-Shin Basic
Price $ 13.00

Price $ 13.00
AcuLift™ Hydra Roller
Price $ 35.00

Tei-Shin Roller        Flat Handle Rolling Drum

Product Information            Product Information            Product Information

Tei-Shin Roller
Price $ 19.00
Rolling Drum Large
Price $ 35.00
Flat Handle Rolling Drum (OUT OF STOCK)
Price $ 36.00

Round Handle Rolling Drum    Mini-8 Rolling Drum   

Product Information            Product Information            Product Information

Round Handle Rolling Drum
Price $ 10.50
Mini-8 Rolling Drum
Price $ 10.75

Pestle Needle Set
Price $ 88.50

Product Information

Piezo Deluxe
Price $ 54.95


The durable, self-contained Piezo produces a short wave pulse of 12 microseconds with peak voltage of approximately 5,000 volts. The pulse is generated when pressure is applied and released to the tuned solid state ceramic quartz crystal in the unit, creating a tiny electrical charge. No batteries required. The output is not adjustable.

How to Use: Apply gold tip to the body, press spring loaded button down with thumb until it clicks, then release thumb. Do not activate one point more than a few times. Do not press spring loaded button down to activate without making contact to the body, this will weaken the output prematurely and can damage the unit. Depending on frequency of use, intensity will slowly diminish over time.

Contraindications: Do not use on patients with cardiac pacemakers of any type; over the carotid sinus area; on the face near or around the eyes; transcerebrally or transthoracically; on children or pregnant women; over or near skin cuts, infections, or known or suspected malignancy; on patients who have implants of any electrical nature; or on patients with cardiac disease. Do not use around oxygen or other flammable materials.


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