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Pestle Needle Set

Pestle Needle Set

Pestle Needle Therapy is an acupuncture method characterized by a unique set of points, specialized tools and their specific methods of manipulation. Despite the tools being called "needles", they are non-penetrative devices made of gold plated copper. Pestle needles do not pierce the skin; rather they are used to stroke, rub or press the points and channels of the body. This method of acupuncture is not found in the classic texts, although it is based on the same Chinese medical theory as conventional acupuncture, including the theories of yin-yang, the five phases and channel theory.

There are four different needles, each with a different shape and use.

Qi Ya Hun Yuan Chu - 10.5cm long device with 6 short prongs at one end.
Wu Zing San Tai Chu - 11.5cm long device with 5 prongs arranged as follows: One in the center and the others at North, South, East, West. The opposite end has 3 prongs arranged in a straight line.
Jin Gang Chu - 10.5cm long device with one end forming a dull point, the other flat and round.
Kui Xing Bi - 8 cm long device with a pointed end, the opposite end is flat.

Pestle Needle Set
Price $ 88.50

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