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TENS and EMS Supplies

Gels and Adhesives

Gels and Adhesives

A. Conductive Gel - High conductivity, hypoallergenic not affected by perspiration or temperature and spreads on and off easily. Used with all electrodes, 8.45 oz. 250 ml Tube.

B. Tack Gel - Electrically conductive adhesive gel used with all electrodes to secure in place. Water soluble, non-staining formula. 50-gram tube.
Tensive adhesive gel Electrically conductive adhesive gel used with all electrodes. 50-gram tube.

D. Pre-TENS® Conductive Skin Prep - Pre-treatment skin prep increases adhesion and improves conductivity. Reduces occurrence of skin irritation, and prevents slippage caused by perspiration. Convenient dab-o-matic applicator. 2 oz bottle.

A. Conductive Gel 250 ml
Price $ 9.95

B. Adhesive Gel
$ 6.95

D. Pre-TENS® Skin Prep 2oz
Price $ 8.25

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